About Split Souls

Split Souls is a collection of flipbooks produced by many different 'Sleep is Death' games controlled by Protobob that gradually took the shape of a story told from multi-perspectives and even multiple time periods.

In general it centers around the Lich and his apple (a container for part of his soul) and a wizard named Fred who has had the evil half of his soul split away from himself, creating a universe-threatening entity know as Evil Fred.

That said, most of these stories are told from the perspective of other (often incidental) characters that find themselves mixed up in these events.

These stories are generally improvised, live on the spot with very little planning and go in very unintended (but exciting) directions.

Thanks for reading our stories, and a big thank you to sidtube.com, the sidtube.com community and all the players that have taken part, these stories wouldn't be here without you!


Q: Why are there so many typos?
A: Split Souls is not created like a normal comic, these stories were acted and out improvised during alternate 60 second intervals. Imagine what your typing would be like without a spell-checker and split second pressure and you might get an idea of what it's like to make these stories.

Q: Who writes the script?
A: There is no script, rather the text is improvised/role-played/acted (pick your verb) by the player and the controller, with the player writing for the main character and the controller (director) writing for the other characters as well as the narration.

Q: Who makes the art?
A: Protobob made the art using the built in tools included with 'Sleep is Death.'

Q: Why does this look like an early 1990's computer game?
A: It just does, and we like it that way :)

Q: How do I contact you?
A: Protobob can be reached at splitsoulscomic@gmail.com.